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I am pleased to announce that in honor of my 27th Birthday, I will be starting the Ashley R. Nealy STEM Fund at my alma mater, Kennesaw State University. The fund will be established at the A.T.O.M.S. Center which advances the teaching of mathematics and science in Georgia’s K-12 Schools.

As both a woman and a minority in Information Technology, I know I am severely underrepresented as we make up only 3% of the computing workforce. 68% of female college students say a teacher or class sparked their interest in STEM (including me). That’s why my fund will tackle the root of the issue: getting teachers excited about teaching STEM in all levels of primary education as 4 out of 5 STEM college students made the decision to study STEM in high school or earlier.

The fun doesn’t stop with my fund! Ironically, Computer Science Education Week is December 8th – 14th and Technology Association of Georgia‘s‘s Georgia Day of Code is December 10th. I’m teaming up with Erica Thomas to bring “South Cobb Codes” to South Cobb High School where we will teach over 60 students how to code.

Can you help me celebrate my 27th Birthday by donating $2, $7, or $27 (or any amount of your choosing) to the Ashley R. Nealy STEM Fund? Help me close the gap on STEM education and careers with underrepresented groups. You can donate at ‪#‎nealy2014‬